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Als de Brandweer

Branding Illustration

I help brands convey their message through thoughtful design.

Since 2011 i’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer. I’ve worked with companies big and small, both local and worldwide. I focus mostly on brand identity, webdesign, and illustration. This gives me the perfect toolset to not only design a logo, but also grow it into a full blown brand identity with an accompanying website and strong visual language.

A clever concept is very important to me and my work revolves around finding a perfect connection to your brand, your message, and the design that embodies it.

As you’ll find out i’m passionate about telling stories, and i’d love nothing more than to make your brand stand out from the crowd.



Als de Brandweer

Branding, Illustration

Logofolio 2012 – 2017

Branding, Illustration



1NG Webdesign

Branding, Webdesign

The journey is the reward explore with me.

I’m driven to create compelling and original designs. I combine a thoughtful concept with a big love for brand identities, illustration and webdesign to make your brand more beautiful.

Let’s connect and find out what i can do for you.