Als de Brandweer

Branding, Illustration


When a fire starts to burn...

In 2019 i was approached by the Veiligheid Regio Rotterdam Rijnmond, with the question to help them promote a new TV-Series, made in cooperation with television channel SBS6. The show, called“Als de brandweer” is named after a dutch idiom about being there as soon as possible. It revolves around the┬ádaily adventures of dutch firemen. One moment they’re saving kittens from a tree, the next they’re putting their lives on the line saving people from burning buildings.

To give the premier a “Hollywood feel” i created a mashup of shots from the actual productions, and used “classic” teal and orange look. The movie premiered with a special supercut at the Rotterdam Wereldhavendagen 2019. One of the biggest events in the Rotterdam Harbour, and sold out for all days of the showings!

Veiligheids Regio Rotterdam Rijnmond



I designed a red-hot metal wordmark that conveyed a powerful narative; even though it gets hot, we are reliable and strong. A solid look that gave the poster an action-movie feel!

Promotional poster

The promotional poster was showcased around town at fire departments to make them aware of the premier during the Wereldhavendagen.


We also created flyers to invite firemen and other people from VRRR departments.

Video Loop

Used during the premier of the night, together with VRRR we created a parallax loop-style video as a sort of screensaver.

At the premier...

­čą│­čą│­čą│Never saw my work on a screen this big before!

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