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Polymathic meets generation flux

Fluxmatix Ventures is a new company started by Corstiaan Hesselink. After earlier successes with his company “Bricks & Clicks New Media” he took a position with his family business. After a while he started seeing potential for development of new posibilities, and wanted to start over again. Inspired by Generation Flux and the concept of a Polymathic person he approached me for his new brand; Fluxmatix.

The concept i presented is the one of a Hydra; where Generation Flux has to constantly renew themselves in good or bad times, the hydra does the same, when the head is cut off, it instantly regrows; but not just that! It comes back with more heads!
It’s the same for Polymathic people; they will keep learning new skills, and with it, they become more agile, more experienced, and stronger than ever before!

Fluxmatix Ventures


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Brand Info

For typography we used the brilliant font "Modum",
designed by The Northern Block, one of my favourite type foundries. It's modern look and almost mechanical serifs are a unique fit for the technological background and mythological spin that we put on the brand. The result is a brand that stands out from the competition. Modum was a deciding factor for that.

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