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True freedom of mobility

Launched early 2018, Juuve is a new way of carsharing.
They enable people to rent out their cars part time, through their app, without having to be there in person to hand over the keys. Think of them like Airbnb, but for carsharing.

Through neat technology their app provides the technique to open a car with your smartphone. And drive wherever you want.

Update: In 2021, Mywheels acquired Juuve.


Juuve Carsharing



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Juuve approached me looking for a logo that would make them stand out. One that embraces freedom, mobility and motion.
After a nice process where we started out with a totally different name (Hoppa) we landed on a the idea of a wordmark.
The wordmark would be combined with a shape, to signify direction, and would be unique because it was handdrawn.

Branding Elements

Juuve is a friendly platform, and transferring information is one of the most important things we do. Harmonia Sans was a perfect fontchoice for Juuve, it's inviting, friendly, and very legible. The lettershapes are modern and the font, although on trend with other geometric fonts, is an uncommon choice.


Icon Designs

Website Design

Promotional Livery

This photo was shot "in the wild" so no promotional/branded photography is used here.
Campaign shot for the Juuve vans, including new bus-livery. © Annebel Eppinga

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