Logofolio 2012 – 2017

Branding, Illustration


Over the past few years i’ve made hundreds of different logo’s for all kinds of special occasions.
I find the challenge in every case and always try to make both the concept as well as the visual execution of a brand appealing.

Some of the logo’s below are all i designed for a client and were too short for their own case studies, other designs might look familiar, as they are denied concepts from projects. Nonetheless, these logos are a selection of some of my favourite work. I hope you enjoy them!


2012 - 2017

Unused proposal for Crownmotion
Logo illustration for Exile Skimboards
Jobe Logo Wordmark, made for the Jobe Artist boardart
Logo for klusopmaat.nl
Unused proposal for Tribal Drink
Unused Logo proposal for Weave, view the final project here: https://richardderuijter.com/project/weave/
Fish Logo - For sale, contact [email protected] if interested!

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