How i see design

I believe good design makes a message very clear. It makes people, products or companies stand out from the crowd. Their stories will connect with the people they want to reach because of it.
I believe style matters, and i think everyone has their own.

I believe every brand has its own DNA, and that it’s worth bringing out the important values in a beautiful and fitting manner. For one it can be expressed in an abstract manner, for another in a literral sense. I love to make conceptually driven design, where every pixel, every drop of ink, every curve has been thought-through and designed to aesthetic perfection.

My name is Richard de Ruijter, born in 1989 and I’m a graphic designer by heart. My enthusiasm for design started when i was young. I went from crayon drawings, to illustrative work, to actual graphic design. My focus has always been to learn new things and i believe my love for mixing conceptually driven design work, illustration and typography makes me a great all-round designer.

I’m very passionate about the work that i do, and if you are curious if i can help you out with your project, please get in contact.

Thank you for your time and interest 🥳

Next to design i am also serious about protecting our planet and preserving nature.
If you are too, you might like to know that i’m an active supporter of GreenpeaceCoral Gardeners, and The Ocean Cleanup.
Let’s choose sustainable design options and create beautiful things together with a positive impact.


Here's what i can help you with.